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Kayako is a helpdesk system that the whole company can use to communicate with their customers. Kayako was founded in 2001 and actively participated in shaping customer support the way it is at present - one of the most important focuses in the company. integration with Kayako lets you process all incoming message requests from the channels available at directly in Kayako interface. Each incoming message request opens a new ticket in Kayako, and the agent can lead the conversation in the body of the ticket and then close it when the issue has been resolved.

Use case

An airline company using Kayako as their ticketing system solution has the need to provide their customers with real time support in messaging apps and social networks. Especially it’s important since many of their customers contact them when abroad. The management decides to start using the integration of and Kayako, giving their customers more convenient ways to contact them.

How to set up?

For instructions see our Help Center.

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