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Bpm’online is a CRM system, which accelerates the complete sales cycle - from lead to repeat sales. The first release of the CRM happened in 2011. Bpm’online successfully caters to business needs of companies in many business verticals.

The integration of Bpm’online and is realized with the help of an iframe. The conversational interface of is built-in into the CRM via n iframe. Each incoming message request creates a new client entry in Bpm’online and all client communication happens within the CRM’s interface.

Use case

A bank uses Bpm’online as their CRM system. The management decides to diversify the channels of communication with customers and offer messaging apps and social networks in the channel mix. They want the software integrated with their CRM system for convenience. They start using the integration of and Bpm’online and processing all incoming message requests directly in the CRM’s interface.

How to set up?

For instructions see our Help Center.

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