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cTrader live chat

cTrader live chat

cTrader live chat feature is an add-on module inside the cTrader platform, available to brokers at an extra fee. cTrader live chat enables brokers to communicate with their clients directly from cTrader platform. integration with cTrader live chat provides customers and companies with a seamless experience. With the help of the integration messages from cTrader live chat can be processed by customer support agents directly in interface. The integration is realized as “Custom App” Application within the “Apps” module in interface.

Use case

cTrader platform usage is common among Forex brokers, for whom communication with their customers is vital. If the company has the cTrader live chat add-on module, integrating it with provides even more options to contact the broker, such as messaging apps and social networks, in addition to the cTrader live chat. With the help of the integration, all communication with customers will be managed within interface.

How to set up?

For instructions see our Help Center.

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